African Helix: (B)
This is a fantastic stitch to know, it makes a great necklace or bracelet….easy and light to wear.. It is a beautiful way to enhance a focal bead or to use in combination with other stitches. This gorgeous with seed beads for a more everyday look or you can up the wattage and use crystals for a glam look.
Arabella: (B/I)
This is a stunner, the picture is worth a thousand words, as few words . A great way to learn two three different techniques or to revisit them for a refresher. Peyote is recommended by not required, but if you have not taken peyote then we recommend some previous bead weaving experience.
Basic Beading:- (B)
This class is perfect for the budding beader and a good base for other classes. We explore the different materials, and learn which materials to use and why. We also cover a bit of design and learn a few simple techniques in order to create your one of a kind, professionally finished, masterpiece. After this class you will be able to create several styles of necklaces, rings, bracelet’s and even simple earrings.
Cha Cha Cha Ring: or Bracelet: (B/I $)
Original Design by Rebecca
Same great stitch (we invented the design and the stitch), but you can make a stunning ring or keep going and make a bracelet that longs to be touched. Once your friends see yours they are going to want one too.
Chakra Bracelets: (B)
Using gemstones and colours you will make a bracelet that is as beautiful as it is spiritual. These bracelets are as unique as the wearer and you can taylor it to meet your mental, physical and metaphysical needs. Super easy and you get a sheet with the meaning of many stones and the chakra they relate to.
Daring Dangles: (B)
Original Design by Rebecca
An unbelievably fun bracelet or necklace to make and wear, you will be awed by the compliments you receive. It can be made for every day or formal and is a fantastic way to use up left over beads.
Flat Cellini:
Chakra Bracelets: (B)
In this class you will make a bracelet that is super easy and super stunning. This will be one of your go to pieces of jewellery, because it is light and easy to wear.
Luscious Loops (B)
Using cubes and seed beads we will create a very fun and versatile bracelet. This is a fairly easy technique, but has lots of impact.
Mermaid’s Necklace: B
original design by Rebecca
In this work shop you will learn to put colours together and weave coordinating beads to create a one of a kind spectacular necklace that will garner oohs and ahhs.
Pearls on the Half Shell: (B)
This is an easy bracelet to make with huge impact. You can make it into a necklace or do a full shell. You will be inunndated with compliments and requests..
Right Angle Dangle - (B)
original design by Cheryl
This is a really great way to learn Right Angle Weave and get a stunning necklace in the process.
Ruffled Feathers – (B)
This is a super fun Bracelet that resembles feathers. Channel your inner Zsa Zsa Gabor, ruffle some feathers and look glamorous doing it.
Spring Loveliness Bracelet – (B )
Employing the right angle weave and some stunning dagger beads you will produce a spectacular bracelet that positively screams its SPRING!
Swarovski Tennis Bracelet: (B)
original design by Rebecca
Using a double needle right angle weave you will learn how to create stunning tennis bracelet that will stand out in a crowd. This is the perfect gift, as it looks expensive since it is Swarovski, but even with a sterling clasp it can be done for under $25
Tornado (B/I)
This is an easy an fun bracelet or necklace (depending on how ambitious you are) with huge bling factor. They are great for gifts because the work up fast and are so amazing. This pattern converts easily to a necklace as well and can be made from blue jean casual to Bridal
Chevron Drop Choker: (B)
Using a simple traditional stitch you will create a stunning bracelet, necklace or anklet that can be delicate or very funky.
Leather Wrapped Bracelets (B, free class)
Easy to make and fun to where. This looks good with crystal, chain or gemstones. This a quick 1 hour class. Come on in and leave with a beautiful on trend bracelet.
Anne-Marieb s Amazing Cuff (B)
This is a stunner. We have done it in a number of different sizes and colours and you just canb t go wrong. It is also super easy to where because it is elastic.
The Marilyn (B/I)
You will learn a couple of stitching techniques to create this gorgeous two -sided bracelet. Like Marilyn herself, there is more than one side to it.
Beyond Basic Beading: (I)
This class is for those who want to take their stringing to the next level. We look at different products to make your designs even more beautiful and how to use them. Design is covered more extensively that in Basic Beading and these principals can be applied to your other work as well.
Double Spiral Rope: (B/I)
Using a similar technique as with single spiral rope, but with a twist,, to create a much chunkier, fuller bead weave. Works up fairly quickly once you get the hang of it.
The Long and Winding Road (B)
This a fantastic way to learn or brush up on basic Herringbone and get a great little everyday bracelet at the end.