Butterfly Bracelet:(B/I)
This is a very delicate chain Maille bracelet. Using crystals and jump rings this makes a very lovely bracelet that resembles butterflies.

Guinevere Chain Maille:( B)
This class is a two in one. They are very similar, one is a very delicate style of chain maille and the other is a chunkier, but both are stunning.. Combined with Swarovski crystals this one will definitely please any

Helm Cuff: (B)
You want wow, well this is it. This is a beautiful chain maille that is eye poppingly (yes I know that is not a real word) stunning and feels as good to wear as it is to look at. It is a very adaptable pattern that you can make wide or thin or convert into a choker. Can you say sparkle.

Saturn Chain Maille: (B)
This is a charming chain maile that looks like a bunch of little Saturn's linked together. It is
lovely on its own and even cuter if charms are added.

Twisted Chain Maille Necklace - (B/I)
This is a super easy chain that is chunky yet delicate if using finer jump rings, but can be made for a man by using a heavier Gage ring.

Stuffed Full Persian (B/I)
This is an easy pattern, but should have done at least one other chain maille first. A perfect Gift, lots of WOW, with out the work.