Intermediate classes are intended for people who have had some bead weaving experience. There is often a prerequisite for these classes. If you like something here discuss with the staff what steps to take to get there.

Anastasia's Lost Bracelets: (I *)
This is a beautiful “3D” bracelet that is reminiscent of the designs on Russian castles and opulence of Anastasia's Russia. This is not a beginners class, but the hard work is worth it.
Beaded Cabochon: ( I *)
Come and learn to catch and embellish cabochons or interesting stones using the peyote stitch to incorporate in to your own special and unique pieces. We can even show you how to use multiple stones. There will never be another one like it.
Brick Stitch Amulet Bag: B/I
This is a very trendy accessory to keep your treasures in. A great way to carry a special crystal or even medication. It is also a very fun way to learn the brick stitch
Beaded Dream Catchers 1 and 2: (B/I * $)
Trouble sleeping? Perhaps this class will help. Even if bad dreams aren't a problem these are beautiful and they look great hung anywhere, even your rearview mirror. This is a two part class and you will incorporate four different stitches, brick, netting, peyote and fringing. This is also a great project for brushing up on stitches that perhaps you haven't used in a while. After the first session you will have a lovely beaded dream catcher. The second session you will embellish it and it will go from lovely to beautiful.
Boyfriend Bracelet: (I *)
This bracelet is compliments of Bead and Button. It is the coolest 3D bracelet that reminds me of that school yard game where you pick the colour then the number etc. to “reliably” find out who you would marry. You will know what I mean when you see it. This one is super fun to make and wear.
Cellini Spiral: (I, *)
Using a form of Peyote you will create a truly eye popping cuff. This is a great one as you can incorporate it into different pieces of use it alone, either way it’s beautiful. We also show you how to change it up to create chunkier.
Clare’s Crystal Bracelet: (I *)
A great way to start learning how to adapt a pattern while making beautiful and classy bracelet. This is beautiful with pearls as well as crystals. This is not a trendy piece, but rather one worthy of passing down. This can be made for any occasion from a great pair of jeans to a bridal gown.
Delightfully Diagonal Bracelet: (I *)
This Bracelet has a very cool pattern and is a fun way to cement your knowledge of the
herringbone stitch and add a very cool twist.
Free Form Peyote: (I * )
A beautiful bracelet is created when you leave your inhibitions at home. Come and release your inner Picasso to create a magnificent piece of jewellery that you will find a difficult time taking your eyes off of. Each one is a one of a kind wearable piece of art.
Grandmas Sweater: Beginner (I *)
This is a Herringbone based stitch with twist. This is a fun way to expand your knowledge of the stitch and come out with a beautiful bracelet that resembles the sweater Grandma made for you when you were young.
Honey Comb Cuff (I/A *)
This is adapted from Bead and Button. We loved the look but the pattern was hard to interpret. Kelly has solved all of the problems and can show you how to create this masterpiece for your very own.
Lacy Beaded Bead: ( I )
This delicate pattern will most certainly enhance any of your designs. They are beautiful by themselves as a pendant or make several and use them in bracelets or necklaces. They look very difficult, but really aren’t that hard to make.
Kate’s Cuff (I*)
Design by Cindy
Make a super delicate bracelet or choker with this beautiful pattern. The picture does not do this bracelet justice, in person it looks fit for a princess. With this stitch you will be able to create many different pieces.
Spiked: (I *)
Learn to make this wickedly cool bracelet that will impress all, most importantly yourself.
Sandy’s Twisted Bracelet: (I *)
Put your own twist onto this gorgeous herringbone based bracelet. This is a bracelet that everyone loves and it is comfortable to wear. With no clasp it is perfect for older people or people that have a difficult time with a clasp.
Ze Russian St. Petersburg Chain Lariat or Bracelet: (I)
Get your KGB on with this gorgeous necklace worthy of a Russian Spy. In this workshop you will learn this very beautiful and very delicate stitch using seed bead and small crystals. It makes a lovely bracelet or lariat and a spectacular lariat or purse handle. This can be made with larger beads if desired.
Zulu Bracelet: (I *)
This is a very cool bracelet, made using a version of herringbone so that it works itself into a square tube. It can be chunky or more delicate depending on the type of beads you choose.
Owl Bracelet: (I)
Original design by Rebecca

This is a super fun bracelet to do and a great way to learn brick stitch. This is very adaptable to earrings or a pendant.
Lavish Cuff: (I*)

Unbelievably beautiful.....this is what you will hear every time you wear this gorgeous piece.
This is also a great way to learn double drop peyote.
Deluxe X's and O's- beginner/intermediate

This is a to die for creation. We have seen it done in numerous colour combinations and everyone looks amazing.
The Mardi Gras: (I)
This bracelet is like a party on your arm. A fairly easy piece to make and it makes a stunning choker.
Keisha's Bracelet: (I)
Adapted from Bead and Button this lovely bracelet made with Tila beads is a great compliment getter.