Butterfly Bracelet:(B/I)
This is a very delicate chain maille bracelet. Using crystals and jump rings this makes a very lovely bracelet that resembles butterflies.

Byzantine Nest -(B/I *)
This is a very fun chain maille pattern. The components really do look like little nests. (k)
Byzantine with a Twist: - (B/I *)
This is another stunning style of chain maille that incorporates beads or crystals, thus giving it a little twist.

The Charming Cat-(B/I *)
While learning the ½ Persian chain maille you will create a stunning base, and then using our wire skills we will embellish it. This is a really pretty and delicate chain maille.

Rosa Blossom (I)
We start the stunning chain maille as a bracelet, but it is so lovely that you may want to keep going and make it into a necklace. This bracelet is a show stopper and you will be amazed at what a few jump rings
and some crystals can turn into.

Top Secret Caterpillar: (I)
Why top secret, because the secret is in the top. This one is stunning ....if you like BLING that is.

Turkish Round Chain Maille :(I)
This a really nice chain maille especially if you use more than one colour. Super versatile, it is beautiful by itself as a necklace with a stone as the centerpiece or as a charm bracelet base.