Beginner Wire Work

All Wired Up Cuff:- (B)
original design by Rebecca Csuzdi

This is an easy and fun bracelet to make. Come without your inhibitions and make a wild and fun
bracelet that you will love. These work up really fast and are a great way to use up stray beads and is a
great picK for groups.
Beyonce Earrings (B $) classette
Using hoops wire and beads you will learn how to create stunning earrings reminicent
of the beautiful Beyonce’s style in this classette.
Butterfly or Dragonfly Brooches/Barrettes Pendants (B $) Skills Class
Although we will be using wire no previous experience is necessary. These brooches are fun, relatively
easy and always gather interest and compliments. Would be nice if all bugs looked like this.
Crotchet Fantasy Bracelet- (B *) -
You will create a beautiful and delicate bracelet out of wire and beautiful beads. This is a fantasy bracelet
that grabs attention and compliments. Depending on the beads you select this piece can go from very
funky to delicate enough for a bride.
It is also a great quick gratification project that looks like it took a long time to couple when in reality you
will have a completed cuff or bangle in a couple of hours.
The Fairy Necklace: (B/I *)
Original design by Rebecca
Want to be creative? Then this is the class for you. using simple wire
techniques and some beautiful beads you will create a master piece that
looks like it was made by fairies.
French Beaded Flowers – (B/I)
You will be astounded at the beauty of this project. We will show you how to make different leaf and petal
shapes so that you can replicate a flower or create a new species. You can apply your flower to a brooch,
barrette or just put it in a vase (no water necessary). Careful you may become addicted. A great way to
garden on a rainy day.
On a whim: (B **) classette
original design by Kelly

With some wire, beads and very little experience you will learn how to create a beautiful cuff or
choker that is truly whimsical.
The Viking Knit makes a beautiful chain for a pendant or make several for bangles. If
you are picking up the technique quickly or have taken it before, You can learn the two
tone method.
Wicked Wire Wheels: (B $) Classette
Learn to make wired components that can be used for a variety of purposes. They make
fantastic earrings, eye glass holders, necklace parts or anything your creative mind can
come up with.
Wire Work 1:- (B)
In this workshop we learn about the different wire, gauges and the tools required to make a professional
looking piece. The focus is on gaining strong base skills while learning good ergonomics These are the
skills you will need for amazing wire work in all another projects. In this class you can make a charm
bracelet, pendant or earrings.
Prerequisite for wire work 2 and many other wire projects..

Intermediate Wire Work

Brooches-Intermediate: ( I *)
Using wire, beads and the wire coiler you will make at least two styles of brooches. These brooches range form elegant to fun and funky..
Cleopatra's Cuff: (I *)
Original design by Rebecca
This is a go big or go home project that have Cleopatra herself pea green with envy.would
Using different wire techniques you will weave a stunning wire cuff. The skills you learn in this class are very transferable to other projects. You will love this piece it is stunning and will be noticed.
Davina's Necklace (B/I *)
Original Design by Rebecca

Want WOW, well this is it. This is a really fun necklace to make and the end results are stunning. The picture does not show how it beautifully it shimmers.
Delicate Wire Bails -( B/I * $) Skills Class
These Bails are positively delicious. You can make them as big or small as you like to suit the piece you wish to bail.
Delicate Wire Bails -( B/I * $) Skills Class
This is a great bracelet that works up pretty fast and can easily be adjusted to be dainty or chunky. This is definitely one that you will make over and over. This will be your go to
everyday bracelet.
Diamond Back Wire Cuff: ( I *)
original design by Rebecca
This is a great bracelet that works up pretty fast and can easily be adjusted to be dainty or chunky. This is definitely one that you will make over and over. This will be your go to
everyday bracelet.
Freeform Bead and Rock Wrapping:- (B/I *)
Here you will learn to cage beads, crystals and stones both with and without a hole. With these techniques you can make a very cool and funky bracelet or a stunning one-of-a-kind enviable pendant.
The King of Rings: (I *)
Original design by Rebecca

Go big or go home. That’s what this really fun statement ring says. This is a very cool and funky ring that always has people stopping me. It is also a great self defense weapon should the need arise
Rings- (B/I *)
original designs, by Rebecca
Big or small we can show you how to make them all. In this class we will show you how to create spectacular rings that are reflective of your personality. Come ready to have some fun.
Wire Work 2 (I *)
This is a great class it not only teaches several new skills, but it is also therapy. Here is where we break out the hammers and learn how to
properly hammer and join wire. Also we cover structure and how to make a stunning piece that will last.

Advanced Wire Work

Boho Cuff (I/A *)
Original design by Rebecca

The Caged Cuff is the epitome of Boho Chic. Employing several different wire techniques, you will create
a beautiful cuff that you will wear all the time,
Posh Wire Pendant:- (A* $)
Original design by Cindy
This class is a two part, but when finished you will have a wearable wire art pendant that will look like you
paid a fortune for.
Wild Wavy Wire Cuff:(I * $)
Original Design by Rebecca

Come and Learn a new wire technique that is original to Ancient Beads. This is a
great technique that is very adaptable to many pieces and can be done from very
chunky to very delicate.